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How it Works - Step by Step

In the Beginning...
  • The Beanworks implementation team will work with you to set up get your AP Automation database:

           - Uploading of General Ledger Accounts & Departments from your existing AP module into Beanworks.

           - Uploading of Vendor Information from your existing AP module into Beanworks.

           - Setting up all users that need access to Beanworks.

           - Contacting your vendors and asking for electronic invoices.

  • Then Beanworks provides high quality training for your staff so that you are comfortable with the entire process – the goal is to have you up and running with Beanworks within one month.


Once You Go Live...
  • Vendors send invoices to an email address rather than snail mail:

  • The invoices are forwarded, reviewed and keyed in by Beanworks data entry staff – this starts the workflow.

  • Your AP staff will see all new invoices in their online inbox for GL coding.

  • Depending on your club’s procedures, your AP staff can either code the invoices or forward them to the proper staff member for coding.

  • Invoices are automatically routed by Beanworks to the proper staff members for review and approval, based on your pre-defined rules.

  • Once invoices are formally approved, a text file is created and easily uploaded into your AP solution to create draft invoices.

  • The invoices are reviewed, edited and approved by your AP staff.

  • Then the invoices are processed and paid through your AP solution as you normally would (or through a Virtual Credit Card solution).

  • Once a batch of invoices has been paid, another file is sent back and uploaded into Beanworks with the payment information, so the approvers can track the entire cycle of each invoice.

  • This completes the cycle.

The Best Part...
  • You will know where your invoices are at all times - there are no more surprises at month end.

  • You will know which managers are sitting on invoices and how long they have had them.

  • You will never "lose" an invoice again!

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